…and so it begins

I feel that first post should me about me and why I put myself on this journey. I want you to know me a little bit better and also for me, as a reminer why I’m (for god) doing this 🙂

My mum have taught me to crochet when I was small, and to knit years later. It’s something which connects us and we always spend time sharing our new projects, tips to new techniques, yarn, books, magazines, etc.

Both crocheting and knitting are the most stress-relieve activities for me. I would say I tried almost everything – amigurumi, granny squares, knit sweaters, beanies, socks, huge blankets, wreaths, you name it – and I always followed someone beautiful pattern from other talented designers. The reason was that I thought I can’t create anything for scratch, like, that’s pretty hard no? And you have to be a creative person, with really good eye for visual – which I’m definitely not. But something inside me changed and I challenged myself to try and pursue my dream. You ask what this dream is?

Every day, I spend some time scrolling through posts and creation of other people. But it was just mostly about consumption, not being the inspiration or being active part of the community. During spring of this year (2020) I had couple weeks vacation between jobs and I felt like this is the perfect opportunity to push myself and try to be actual part of this community. So I sketched “brand” name, I founded Instagram account and also profile on Fler (which is basically Etsy for Czech/Slovakia region). I started to create stuff I thought people may like and buy. For the first time I’ve used DSLR camera and take not-so-awful photos, uploaded the goods on and waited… And nothing happened.

Don’t get me wrong, there were new Insta friends, followers, people liked my stuff. But no orders. No. Single. One. And it crashed me. I felt like my dream to be an artist and make living of it just wasn’t meant to be. After weeks of work, where mine main goal was to “just start”, I felt like complete looser and failure. So I put all creative activities aside, and focused on my new IT job which like, actually pays me bills.

But it still bothered me and I was thinking that I must done something wrong. Let me slip one secret about me – I’m super impatient and want everything now 😀 No matter how much I know it’s impossible. And so I grabbed my trusty notebook, brainstormed as hell, spend hours at Pinterest with intention to find my “niche”, something I can be special. I found out that tapestry and intarsia crochet are pretty underestimated forms of art and there are not so many people actually pros in it (unlike beanies and blankets). The created pieces I discovered were so nice and eye-catching and I immediately fell in love with this technique. The best thing? There are so many possibilities! Ideas started to flow and my mind is still unable to stop from all the excitement.

I bought a simple school squared notebook and created MY OWN very first pattern! I must say, the whole process was loooong – color picking, size decisions, try and fail, lots and lots of frogging. I will tell you more about it in some next post. But the main revelation? I CAN create! And I want to write about it. Which brings us back here and what is the story behind this blog. I hope you’ll like this place as much as I already do.