October 2020: What I … Made

I always love to read these kind of round up posts! I hope it will serve as type of diary for me to reflect on each month. I want to share my current crafty project, books I read, places we visited and many more.

My most favorite month is September, but it always runs away so quickly. Luckily, there is also October 🙂 It doesn’t have the same calm and warm sun, but the nature colours are much better. All the leaves turning in many different beautiful earthy shades makes just my eyes and heart incredibly happy.

This year me and husband took our 2-weeks vacation at the beginning of October and I must say it was the best choice in this situation. We spent first week at our cabin in small town hour away from the city, and it was just perfect. Walks into local bakery for fresh bread and pastry, loads of comfort food, burning fire in the fireplace, hours just to craft and read. We also bring our family dog with us and he was the happiest (and also the muddiest) pup running outside in the woods. The second week the weather changed, it was really cold and unpleasant so we returned back to city which wasn’t as cosy. But the one week I’ll remember as the nicest holiday we have together.

Seems like these were the last sunny autumn days

Knitting & Crochet

I should also say sewing. My husband got me a sewing machine for my birthday in September and I’m learning on it since then with his help (yes, he’s very handy and can sew himself). I was a little bit scared if it wouldn’t be too difficult for me as coordinating hands and legs in different motion isn’t my biggest strength. But it’s surprisingly easy and I was able to do some basic projects. I’m also stunned that I haven’t run for fabrics and shop as many as I can (because that’s what happens with yarn) 😀 I purchased one truly nice stretch fabric and I’m planning to turn it into leggings for myself.

During the vacation I worked on my idea of tapestry crochet pouches. I spent hours working different sizes and lettering. It was so nice to have all the time in the world to just create and actually realize your wild ideas into real things. Through many try-errors I perfected the “Happy” crochet cosmetic bag. And let me say, I LOVE it. I used my new sewing skills to add cotton lining with zip fastening – it feels so professional. But the best thing – the wide bottom. Hopefully I’ll post the pattern soon so you can crochet one for yourself or friend 🙂

Heather pink version of my ‘Happy’ cosmetic bag

After days of crocheting, I was more than ready to switch from hook to needles and to some project which just flows effortlessly. I’ve had this half-done Trescao jumper from Along avec Anna in my stash so I happily grabbed it to finish. It missed only sleeves which I speedily completed in one weekend. Waving the ends took another weekend as usual 😀 I used DROPS Safran yarn in ‘Red clay’ (#59) which is purely cotton yarn. Shame is I started it in spring with idea I could wear it over dress so it doesn’t need to be too warm. But then we still got stuck on home office in sweatpants and I lost motivation to finish it. I guess I’ll save it until next year.

Trescao Jumper by Along Avec Anna [link]

The Trescao jumper is so easy to work on and mostly beginner friendly. There were parts I needed to wrap my head around (short rows) but there is plenty of help on youtube and other sources. I really like the prolonged back because it covers my back nicely but also the front is not too long to create creases. This pattern is FREE but Anna has lots of lovely sweater and cardigan ones! I bought like 3 other patterns during her anniversary sale and I can’t wait to get into next one. Her pattern pdfs are so nice, have very professional looks and include all necessary info for success.

Can you guess what this will be? Btw the colour combination is so sweet.

Here is a little sneak peak of my other crochet project (next switch to hook 🙂 ). I designed it for my friend who is expecting her second baby in few weeks and I wanted to give her something to decorate their new nursery. There are still some bits to wrap but once she receives it I’ll share it will you too.

I’ll wrap it here as this post is getting quite long and post my October reading list next time 🙂