Free Pattern: Crochet Coin Purse

I’m excited to share with you my very first crochet pattern. In last couple of weeks I made several of these handy pouches. And let me tell you, they make perfect quick gift which is nice and useful. So it’s perfect for coming Christmas season. Also, the pattern uses linen stitch which is easy to follow and ideal for beginners.

Here, the pattern describes how to create quite small purse, ideal for small change or cards. But you can alter the size of the purse as you wish. To do so, you need to crochet longer basin chain until is measures your desired length. Be aware that the number of total amount of chains (including 1 ch for turn) plus 2 extra stitches of pouch base must be even.

Pin this pattern for later use 🙂


  • 100% cotton sport weight/ fine 2 yarn (I’m using Catania n. 112 Signalrot, by Schachenmayr)
  • 3mm crochet hook
  • yarn needle
  • stitch marker
  • continuous zipper with slider of the pouch length + 2 cm on sides (I needed 13 cm)
  • piece of 100% cotton pre-washed fabric for lining (here used 18 cm x 13 cm rectangle)
  • thread and needle, or sewing machine

Final measurements: 10.5 cm (width) x 8.5 cm (height)


(I’m using US terms)
ch – chain stitch

sl st – slip stitch

sc – single crochet

st – stitch (any kind)

linen stitch – *1 sc, 1 ch*, repeat and alternate between rows


  • the pouch is done in continuous rounds
  • you can label first stitch of given round with stitch marker
  • if you want wider pouch, increase the number of base chains by an EVEN number until it has desired measures
  • I recommend to pre-wash the fabric you chose for lining. This will prevent eventual shrinking when you’ll wash the finished purse.


– start with crocheting 32 chains

Starting chain

r1: start with sc into second ch from the hook; continue sc into each chain (now you have 31 st); do second sc into the last ch; DO NOT turn, but continue from the other side of the chain – do sc into each ch; do second sc into the last ch

3 sc stitches in the last chain and continuing from the other side of the chain

– now, you should have 3 st in both beginning and ending ch stitch, in total 32 st; you created the pouch base which should look like on the image below

Finished base of the pouch3 stitches both in start and end chain stitch

r2: work linen stitch as *1 sc, 1 ch* and repeat between ** until the end; you can place stitch marker into first stitch (32 st)

Beginning of linen stitch pattern with stitch marker in first sc

r3: work alternate linen stitch as *1 ch, 1 sc* and repeat between ** until the end (32 st)

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until the pouch fits your required height. For my height of 8 cm I did total of 22 rows with linen stitch (so 11x repeats of row 2 and 3).

Finished linen stitch rows

Do one round of sl stitches around the last row of linen pattern to create nice edge.

Last round of slip stitches around the edges

Cut off the yarn and sew all ends.

Now, let’s sew the lining with the zipper closing. Measure the amount of fabric you need based on the height and width of the pouch. My pouch is 11.5 cm wide and 8.5 cm in height. To cut the rectangle for linen, I double the height so it can be just fold in half. Now, you need to add at least 0.5 cm in each side for seems. That all means that the final rectangle of fabric I cut is 13 cm (added extra 0.5 cm to be safe on the sides) x 18 cm for height.

Once you have your lining cut, you will attach the zipper. It should have the same length as your pouch. If you’re using continuous zipper with separate slider as me, you have the work a little bit easier. I split the zipper on halves and secure each part to the lining at the top. First, I folded the lining at half in height and turn it so the RIGHT side is inside. Then I created the 0.5 cm seam at the each top edge and secure the half of the zipper. Remember, the slider will be at the top of the pouch, which will have the RIGHT side inside. So when you’re attaching the zipper, have the bumpy side facing to you (on the WRONG side of the lining).

Attach the zipper to one top edge of the lining

Also, when positioning the zipper to the top edge of the lining, pay attention to NOT put the fabric too close to the zipper itself. Leave cca 0.5 cm from the zipper edge.

The bumpy side (outer side) of the zipper is on the WRONG side of the lining
Attach the second half of the zipper to the other top edge. See, the bumpy zipper side is facing you.

When you have the zipper safely pinned at place (I’m like sewing clips better, but use what you have), it’s time to sew it down.

Sewn zipper at the top of the lining

Before you can sew the sides of the lining, insert the slider at the zipper. See, if you attached the zipper right, the slider will be at the top when wrong side of fabric is facing you. Now you sew the sides about 0.5 cm from the edge. You can trim the excess of the fabric and zipper. And the lining is finished!

Add the slider to the zipper
Finished pouch lining with sewn sides and zipper

The last step to finish the pouch is insert the lining in the crochet pouch. I recommend to adjust it there and pin it in the place. As you can see, the right side of the fabric is now pretty inside of the pouch 🙂

I use the same thread as for the lining and simply stitch along the seam where the zipper is attached to the fabric. I put the needle through lining and crochet pouch, and then back few millimeters next to it. Don’t be worry, the stitch will not be visible as you pull the thread through the crochet stitches.

Stitch along the seam and through crochet pouch

After you’ll stitch along the whole edge, fasten the thread and cut off. And your crochet purse/pouch with zipper is DONE!

Ta-dah! You’re finished pouch!

I hope you liked this pattern. If you ever create one of your own or have any questions, let me know in the comments or tag me on the Instagram. Also, if you’re on the Ravelry, here is the link to this pattern so you can add it to the projects.

And as I said, you can adjust the size of the pouch to suit your wishes. Here is one I already crocheted to fit all my hair bands, lip balm, earrings and other necessities to protect them from being lost at the bottom of my bag.

Bigger version of this pouch