Hyggeville: Christmas Houses Crochet Pattern

Hello my friends and welcome to the Hyggeville, the most calm and cozy Christmas village. Each crochet house has its own personality, and may hide some pleasant secrete inside.

During November, I was creating all these little houses and sharing some of the peaks with you on the Instagram. Finally, I manage to release my very first PDF pattern on Ravelry here. But I thought it would be nice to summarize the whole process and all the fun bits from behind the scene.

One of the “In Progress” snaps I shared on Instagram

It all started with a social experiment in our household 😁 My husband, no matter how awesome he is, has a tendency to leave empty toilet paper rolls in bathroom and store them around the toilet. I started wondering, how many rolls it would take to make him realise that he should throw them into a trash can. Or if I will chicken out and do it for him. And because we are both working from home, the consumption of toilet paper increased quite a lot. There were about 4 rolls when I gave up. But also it felt quite a waste to just throw them away. And then I got the brilliant idea – I can turn them into perfect Christmas decoration!

Turning the idea into a reality

Honestly, it amazes me how the creativity can spark an idea from almost nothing. I always thought that I’m not able to come with something of completely of my own. But since I started to slowly follow my passion of wooly crafts, it’s getting easier and easier. I know how cheesy this may sound, I would snort on myself too. And I totally do not take it for granted, the creativity burnout is the same serious issue as work burnout. Just for now, I enjoy it and I’m trying to use it as much as I can – in other worlds, be prepare for other patterns, one for knitters is on the way 😉

Using the toilet paper rolls we managed to hoard during the lockdown

So after my inner creative mojo kicked in, I immediately put my hook at work. The house bases were super quick, I just needed to figured out the fitting size of the bottom circle and hight, nothing complicated. The roof was a little bit challenging, because I was not sure how much pointy I want it to be, and I aimed for the specific gnomy shape. There was a faire amount of frogging before I finally got it right. Little confession: I used to crochet during our work meeting calls (when the camera is off). I found out it keeps me alert and I’m better listener when I’m doing something repetitive with my hands but I don’t need to think about it too much – hence, crocheting such simple shapes is ideal. Otherwise, I would reach for my phone, scroll down the Instagram hole, read this and that, and totally miss what my colleagues are saying 🙈

Afternoon calls & crocheting in the background

The original idea was to crochet bunch of houses and put them together into a large Christmas village. You know, the one you can make with paper houses or candle holders. I began with maybe a little bit of a strange colour combination – burgundy, navy and cream. First, I chose the navy because it is supposed to be a colour of this Christmas, and then search for shades which would work with it. And the final combination is pretty good – it has something from the nordic Christmas, but also it’s more on the fancy side.

Almost finished set of houses

As the base of the house is using toilet paper roll to make it more sturdy, I imagined that I need something similar for the roof. This was really experimental part and resulted in many many unfunctional prototypes 😁 Well, the geometry is not my strength. But at the end, I managed to prepare a template for the cone which fits inside the roof. It’s best to use some stronger or cardboard paper to support the roof. I also used the glue gun to secure the paper cone in the crochet roof so it’s nicely tight.

I was imagining how I would decorate the houses with little windows and doors to complete the look of cosy home. The felt is perfect material for this – easy to cut different shapes, you can decorate it with few stitches and glue it right on the house. Next decoration idea? SNOW. I love to embroidery french knots and they are perfect for white dots as snow. So put them randomly around some of the roofs and some of the trees (keep reading 😉).

All the pieces together

But my mind kept spinning and I thought it would be nice to use the houses as an Advent calendar. Well, they just shouted at me – the roof is DETACHABLE, there is PLENTY of room inside us 😊 I played with the idea how to decorate such calendar. One, you can use felt and cut out the numbers. This is good if you need to do all 24 houses. But in our home, we are use to have only 4 candles, each one for each Advent week and light them every weekend. So for us, we are fine with only 4 houses. And I wanted to have them really festive and beautiful. I ended up with embroidering Christmas themed wreath on each houses and then adding number for each of 4 Advent weeks with fancy golden thread. And let me tell you, they are my most favourite from all of the houses I did.

They look good even without the roofs on

In this point, I had tree fancy nordic houses and four Advent ones. Still, it seemed to me there is a room for other three houses to fill the village. I decided that this group should represent the real nordic style – white, red and grey. And I did not decorate them in any other way, just kept them plain and simple. It is a little different from the first group of navy/burgundy/cream houses and I will probably decorate different rooms with them.

The nordic house squat together

And to finish the Christmas village aesthetic I came across this free pattern for the rustic trees by Megmade with Love. They are the final missing touch to set the mood for Christmas. I like their heigh and narrow shape and they perfectly complement each other with the Hyggeville houses. Again, perfect for work calls crocheting 😁 To finish them up I put them on a skewer and hot-glued to a wooden circles. We’ve got quite a stash of them from two years ago, when we found a perfect branch in the park and my husband cut it to slices. But I didn’t like how the glue was visible so I spiked some decorative moss on the skewer too before securing it to the wood slice. And it looks like even more natural.

Forest in the making
Tadaaah, the Advent HyggeVille in the finished forest

Then, it was just a matter of night shifts to put the PDF pattern together. I’m glad I crochet for so long and read through many other patterns. Now I know what I want from my patterns and what information I need to include. But if you purchase this pattern (or any other future patterns from me) and there is something you think would be beneficial or is unclear, please, let me know here or email me at I will appreciate any kind of advice or feedback as I’m starting to create in this field. You can find the pattern on Ravelry – LINK TO THE PATTERN . And please share your own Hyggeville if you’ll crochet it – either on Ravelry projects, or on Instagram with hashtag #crochethyggeville. Thank you!!!

Merry Christmas!!!