What happened at Wooly Hygge in November 2020

Wow, what a month. I mean, not in too much positive sense. As I wrote in previous posts, this November was super gloomy and stingy for sunny days. There was a lot of inversions, some rain and the temperature is around zero for last couple of days. Add that the days are shorter and these are the “perfect” conditions for autumnal blues.

I tried to battle them with hygge style:

  • candles – even during the day, so dark it was
  • cosy clothes – I can’t remember when I spent day in normal clothes, not leggings and sweatshirt
  • lots and lots of crafts – switching between knitting and crocheting as usual
  • reading – even thought I read quite a lot measured in time, I managed to finish only two books
  • watching multiple TV series hidden under the blanket with tea and cookies
Cinnamon buns from Ikea. They are sold frozen and you just pop them into an oven.

I think that most of these activities helped to make this month at least a little bit digestible. But also I feel like I missed a lot being outside and working out. I devoted most of this year to running, but since the second lock down I can’t force myself to go out. I think that’s mainly because my husband is also working from home and we somehow synced our days. Before I would go for a run during a lunch time, have a quick shower and inhale the lunch at desk. Now we enjoy our meal together with an episode of New Girl and then straight back to work. And after work is so dark I’m quite afraid. So this is a little reminder for me to built my workout routine back.

This month was also possible the most social in a long time. We manage to see few of our friends (always following the government orders). And I haven’t realize how much I missed them. We also did some virtual dinners which were a little bit odd but still nice to see everybody. The hardest thing about these online conversations is that you can’t mix with people and have 1:1 talks.

Here is a little roundup on what was going on at Wooly Hygge during this month:

What I made

You probably noticed, but I spent most of the days designing and finishing the Hyggeville pattern. You can read all about it in this post and find the PDF pattern on Ravelry. I must say that putting the PDF together was quite easy, definitely easier that I thought it would be. The hardest part? Photos, as always. This is an area I really wish to improve and try to get better. So please, hold on with me.

Late night finishing Hyggeville Advent houses

I also published my very first FREE pattern, the crochet pouch or purse. I can’t believe it was this month, is seems like so much more time ago 😀 Thanks to everyone who took time and left some kind words on one of these patterns or basically on any post. We are still a small community here, but I’m immensely grateful for every each of you!

Other than that, I’m preparing another pattern, knitted this time. I hope I will release it next week, but until then, still a secret.

The fluffiest yarn I’ve ever worked

Since last Friday there was Black Friday everywhere and there were many knitting and crochet patterns on sale. As I’m not spending almost any time outside our flat (yes, sad) I don’t spend much money for uselessness. So this time I allowed myself a little splurge and purchased couple of crochet patterns from AradiyaToys. I always admire her sense for detail and interesting shaping of amigurumi. I bought both Christmas minis bundles (minis1 and minis 2), the deer pattern, Halloween minis and Easter minis. It’s funny because I’m not much into the Easter patterns, but there was an angel and I really wanted to make it for my mum who is an angel collector. I immediately searched my yarn stash, grabbed hook and started on it. You could see the result on my Instagram.

Angel pattern by Aradiya Toys

I spent this weekend watching Ina Knits Hygge month episodes (check her Youtube channel) and she inspired me to knit few socks as a Christmas gifts. So I casted on first pair this Sunday and they are literally flying from my needles. I’m using the free pattern Hermione’s Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder – you can find it on Ravelry here. Maybe this time I would finish all socks in time for their recipients 🙂

Sock are made with Nord yarn by Drops, shade 12 Powder Pink

What I read

As I wrote above, I managed to read two books. In last post about books I’ve finished I was talking about that now I want some feel-good read. As if on call, Jonas Jonasson published new book in Czech so I went straight for it.

The Sweet Revenge, Ltd. by Jonas Jonasson

As expected, this was really nice and humorous read as always by this author. It was also pleasant that there was only a little bit of romance, barely hint of it. There are a lot of abnormal characters which paths meet in this story. Also the places are switching from Stockholm to Africa. There isn’t anything nerve gripping which would make you stay up all night with “one more page” feeling. Only a cosy reading and you’re curious what will happen next and how all the mess will end. I must say that the end was a little bit flat to me and I was expecting a tiny bit more of it. But other than that it fulfilled my needs for heartwarming reading.

Letters to the Lost by Brigid Kemmerer

Well, this is funny. I have no idea why I picked this book. I think I must read the description and reviews wrong or otherwise I can’t explain it. There are so many good reviews everywhere, so it must be considered as a great book. I originally thought that this would be a deep interesting story. Which can be for someone, but I couldn’t find it in there. For me, it’s another young adult book with teenagers having hard times. But still, they are teenagers and acting like that (read: irrationally). It reminds me books by John Green, or at least the story line is similar. There is heavy stuff (death), there is romance based on a secrets, there is a prom, overcoming obstacles, rush of emotions as anger, anxiety and affection… It’s all there, but most of the time, only scrapping the surface. But for some reason, I spent most of the nights reading even after the time I usually go to bed. I don’t know why but I just wanted to know what happen next.

RomComPods: Honeymoon for One

Ok, this is not technically a book, not even an audiobook. It’s a podcast which you can listen on Spotify and other podcasting platforms I guess. There are 7 around 30 mins episodes for this story. I used to listen to it while crocheting the Hyggeville and it’s perfect. The story is definitelly what you expect – super cheesy romance. The main character finds out her fiance is cheeting on her right before the wedding, so she goes for their honeymoon alone. Destination: ITALY. Hint: there is a perfect Italian guy 😉 Of course! But no matter how predictable the story is, the narration is so great. Me and my husband love Italy, we spent two holidays there, last one was two weeks last year. We especially love the food, people and culture. And because we weren’t able to travel anywhere this year, I was really missing it. This podcast made me CRAVE Italy. I was so sad about it that I ask my husband if we can try and make a little Italy evening. We picked one of the last bottles of Pinot Grigio, buy some cheese and salami (none of which was Italian, lol), olives, tomatoes and ordered pizza we love. The harder part was what to watch. And we ended with To Rome With Love which was pretty good. Now, when I’m writing about it, I probably need another evening like this.

What I’ve been watching

Here a little list of series I or together with husband are enjoying right now:

  • This is Us – I love with way more than my husband, and I would binge watch it if he doesn’t insist we do one episode per night.
  • The Crown – We are continuing with new season 4 – I’m not sure about Diana character, sometimes it feels too much, like when she cocks the head – weird, I know.
  • New Girl – This is our eating series right now – we always watch sitcoms when having lunch or dinner.
  • Modern Love – I watch this alone while knitting/crocheting and I like that each episode is single story.
  • Long Way Round, Long Way Down, Long Way Up – This is a travel series where Evan McGregor and his friend Charlie Boorman are riding motorbikes around the world; my husband started this watching alone but I found it fascinating and entertaining so he had to start again with me 😀

And that’s all from November here at Wooly Hygge. Let me know in the comments if you have any good TV shows you’re enjoying now or books you’re reading for inspiration. By the way, how are you looking forward to Christmas? Only 23/24 sleeps from now!