About me

I’m also a pro photo model 😀

Hi! My name is Iva, and I started this blog as a creative outlet during this crazy year which 2020 is. I want this place to be cozy place for you and me to hang out, relax and especially, be inspired to create with this amazing thing called yarn.

Some fun things about me:

  • I live with my husband in tiny flat in this beautiful city called Prague in the middle of Europe.
  • I’m definitely a DOG person – and you would see some evidence here in the form of Teddy, my mum’s dog.
  • During day, I’m crunching numbers and write analytical code as a data scientist/analytical programmer. Right now it’s for one big international company, but I’ve also tried small and startup culture. Funny is, that my major was economics, and I picked up IT along side. But none of it is my passion as yarn which stole my heart (poet here? – nah).
  • Most of the time, I would choose a cup of coffee over tea – until it’s after 4pm because then coffee won’t let me sleep.
  • If I’m going out for more than few hours, I will always bring my trusty Kindle reader full of books. My favorite genre? Basically anything slightly good, I’m not picky – romance, fantasy, books with 1k of pages, Harry Potter, based on true story,… This could be lenghty 😀 But if you want to follow along in terms of books, you’re welcome to join me at my Goodreads profile